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 Lightning's Various Writings

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PostSubject: Lightning's Various Writings   Sat Feb 09, 2008 12:07 pm

Yet another Link! It's BLUE Link! You know...from Four Swords Adventures, he gets split into four links? Green, purple, red and blue?

That's all my public writings. I do have another, but I haven't made it public yet because I don't want to. And obviously, only the writings Under, "By Lightning" are mine. You can check out the others if you want, I'm sure the original authors would like it if you did. ^.-.^

Purple Link now! ^.-.^

Okay, that's a DEAD forum, so don't join it or anything, but I had that fiction up there, so... read that if you want, too. Except I originally had 6 chapters, I guess I never uploaded them all.... ;.-.;

Anyway, enjoy all my writings~

Wandering Dragon,
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Lightning's Various Writings
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