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PostSubject: Xerdox   Mon Feb 18, 2008 10:19 pm

Name: Xerdox

Age: 23

Species: Dragon/Human hybrid

Hybrid Powers: capable of transforming into human or dragon but his dragon-like eyes stay the same.

Special Items: Phazon Enhancement Device and Phazoid Battle Suit.

Personality: Now first off, he barely takes off his suit. He doesn't want anyone seeing his face most of the time. But when he takes off his helmet, then that would be a surprise or he just knows that you deserve to see his face. almost always serious, has a sense of humor.

Appearance (with no suit on) : faint, scaley skin, yellow dragon eyes, black shirt, black pants. blue lightning bolt going across the clothing, black hair.

Appearance (suit on) : something like Samus's suit. Just black with red glows, also on the visor. On some rps, the body will be glowing blue due to corruption. the PED (Phazon Enhancement Device) is on the chest. Armcannon is on his right arm.

Abilities (suit on) : Able to go into morph ball mode to crawl through little spots and stuff like that. He can also lay bombs and send discharges while in hypermode. He has the power to deactivate and reactivate his arm cannon. Eventually, he uses two armcannons When not in morph ball mode he can unleash the grapple beam, other beams, or missles. He also has visors Listed below is the weapons and visors and their descriptions of what they do.

Grapple Beam
Grapple Swing: allows Xerdox to swing from one place to another
Grapple Voltage: allows Xerdox to send or recive energy from devices and creatures.
Grapple Lasso: allows Xerdox to remove objects like shields, armor, etc.
Super Grapple: allows Xerdox to swing stuff around

Beam Weapons
Power Beam: Default Beam, nothing special about it
Wave Beam: This beam is all electricity. It can also send electricity to repair generators, robots, etc. It can also send in electric discharges.
Ice Beam: This beam is all ice. It is powerful enough to freeze anything.
Plasma Beam:The Plasma Beam is able to fire superheated beams of energy. The Plasma Beam can be used to ignite some enemies and burn them to ash. It can also melt other materials like ice. The Plasma Beam may also be used to repair damaged devices such as melding things.
Dark Beam:This beam fires shots of dark energy. The Dark Beam's charged shot is called the Entangler. Charged shots can freeze enemies. The dark beam has a strong efect on normal creatures and is a bad idea to use on dark creatures.
Light Beam: The counterpart to the Dark Beam, the Light Beam fires beams of
light energy. This weapon is about as strong as the Dark Beam, and iseffective against dark creatures. The beam can pierce through multiple enemies and by charging it up, you can fire a super-powerful Lightblast, which can purify some creatures.
Annihalator Beam: The Annihalator Beam uses both Dark and Light energy, making it very unique. Meaning, it has a strong effect on light and dark creatures.
Nova Beam: The Nova Beam can shoot through certain objects and can hit weak points or hidden objects. The Nova Beam can do this with the Nova Visor.
Solar Beam: Uses energy from the sun, more powerful than the plasma beam.
Lunar Beam: Uses energy from the moon, more powerful than the ice beam.
(more beams are yet to be found, will update sometime)

Missle:default missle
Ice Missle: missle that shoots ice
Heat Missle: missle that shoots heat
Seeker Missle: missle that allows to shoot 5 missles simultaniously

Combat Visor: default visor
Scan Visor: the visor that allows Xerdox to "scan" something or someone and get info about them.
Thermal Visor: Allows Xerdox to see things thematically, even if what he is looking for is invisible.
Nova Visor: Allows Xerdox to see weakpoints and hidden objects. He can shoot weakpoints if he uses the Nova Beam with this visor.
Command Visor: allows Xerdox to command his ship to do bombing runs and land. He can also command his ship to pick up or put down heavy objects or items.
(more visors are to be found, will update somtime)

Phazon Enhancement Device Powers

Hypermode Beams
Phazon Beam: The regular phazon beam, it is extremely powerful. It is the default beam of hypermode.
Shazon Beam: It is the Fire type of phazon. It will burn just about anything. It is as strong as the Phazon beam.
Thazon:This one is actually the dark side of Phazon, it is one of the most powerful beams but it has only one side effect; it ends hypermode much sooner. If Xerdox continues, he will loose himself to the power.
Novazon: This one uses the power of space and phazon. It is really powerful, so powerful that he can only unleash one hit with this beam.
Solarzon: The solar side of phazon. It burns badly
Lunarzon: The lunar side of phazon. it freezes at extremly cold temperatures

PED color types
Blue: entered hypermode regularly
Red: entered hypermode and get two times more power
Purple: when it turns purple, that means Xerdox is transforming into something or someone else for a time
Yellow: allows Xerdox to run at the speed of light for a brief moment
Black: When this happens, Xerdox goes evil and he starts doing things he has never done before, he will stay on the same side though.

Abilites (suit off) : Well, when his suit is off, he has to rely on stealth and speed. He is equiped with a little gun with the same abilites as the beam weapons. Its just weaker. He can also turn the gun into an energy whip so he can uses his grapple beam the same way as when he has his suit on. He also can use it as a whip. He can jump abnormally higher too, but he becomes weaker due to no armor.

History: Xerdox was abducted by enemies when he was little. He was then found by the dragon type pokemon, Latios and Latias. He was then raised by them. What was unusual was his suit. No one understands who gave it to him but we know that it was made from Phazoid Technology. Xerdox was also corrupted when he was about 4 years old.

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