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 Anthorke's history

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PostSubject: Anthorke's history   Sat Mar 15, 2008 8:07 pm

A Fatal Crash And A Fatal Loss

Anthorke was currently in second place while his dad, Anthren, was in third. Anthren was blocking off all the other drivers. Anthorke tried to find a way through the guy infront of him but the guy infront of him wouldn't let him through.

This was a crazy sport. Ages 13 - 55 were aloud to race. And Anthorke was 14. He was a great racer. He won 23 times and counting, while his father, the great legendary one, won 109 times. No one has ever beaten his record, which made Anthorke proud to be his son. Although, this was a dangerous sport since they are going over 350 mph!

Anthren slowed down a bit still holding off the other drivers; this meant that Anthorke was on his own. He sped up gradually and made height with the other driver.


Anthorke looked back and he saw that a big crash occured and his father was caught in it! Well... he had nothing to loose now so he sped up even was getting close! It was the final lap!! One inch...two inch...three inches...Yassen was going farther... Anthorke then used the NOS and he sped past Yassen. YES! He just won! At the last second. It was over... He started to drive to victory hall right after Yassen congratulated him.

The person Anthren collided with; Forten, climbed out of his car and was instantly interviewed...but something was odd with Forten this time... he sounded all scared...he also seemed too stiff...usually, the guy is cracking jokes but...what happened...?

Then, Anthorke was interviewed. "How does it feel to be the Champion of the Lugiasol 500 race?" the interviewer asked. Anthorke said proudly "heh, well, its unusual for a 14 year-old to win such a race but yeah it seemed wonderful. Well, the credit goes to my dad Anthren and-" he then! He saw an ambulance approach his fathers car and he ran off not to victory hall, but to his dad's car.

After awhile news came...bad news... it was held in victory hall. The president of the racing, President Voygauge Musory, held a meeting...he had...a sorrowful face on himself and Anthorke didn't feel so good when he saw this. The president then says sorrowfully "Ladies and Gentlemen... we have lost Anthren"
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Anthorke's history
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